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Hiremii helps automate manual tasks, allowing more time for those in the hiring process to focus on other meaningful tasks.

What We Do

Hiremii is the ultimate hiring solution for recruiters and hiring managers who are looking to streamline their hiring process and save time. With Hiremii, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to automate the hiring process, making it faster, more efficient, and more effective than ever before.


Automate your shortlisting process

With Shortlist, you can automate the review of CVs with lightning speed, helping you to identify the best candidates for your open positions.


Create job adverts 10x faster

Create Job Adverts with speed. AdWriter helps you draft adverts in a flash allowing you to attract and engage the best talent for you!

Latest Resources

Hiremii to launch innovative ‘Sourcd’: The Artificial Intelligence Copilot for Recruiters

Hiremii 23/08/23 Hiremii to launch innovative 'Sourcd': The Artificial Intelligence Co-pilot for Recruiters Transforming Candidate Outreach and Engagement Perth, Australia; 23st August 2023 Cloud-based recruitment software company, Hiremii Group (ASX:HMI) is pleased...
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How will AI impact your role? 6 tech-driven role changes over time

Are you wondering if Artificial Intelligence (AI) might take over your role? AI is currently one of the most talked-about subjects. Particularly when it comes to its potential to replace human roles. Over the centuries, technology has changed the way we work. While...
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Top 5 in-demand roles in Perth and the role of AI automation in streamlining their hiring process

As you are probably aware, Perth is currently experiencing rapid growth in various industries, resulting in an increased demand for skilled workers. Consequently, Perth’s job market has become more competitive, with skill shortages across the board. In this blog, we...
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The Role of AI in Recruitment: How It Improves Candidate Experience, Diversity, and Retention

Today's recruitment businesses rely on automation to streamline hiring processes helping them gain a competitive edge. Automating the recruitment process doesn’t mean replacing recruiters. It allows them to prioritise and dedicate more time to the human-centered...

Improve Your Hiring Process with Shortlist a Resume Parsing and Matching Tool

If you have hired before, you understand how manual and tedious it can be to read through countless résumés to find the best candidate for your role. This is where our Shortlist tool comes into play. Shortlist is an effective tool that can parse and match résumés to...

How to write amazing job adverts that stand out to candidates!

In today's competitive job market, attracting the right candidates to apply for a job is becoming increasingly challenging. A key factor in attracting qualified and suitable candidates is creating an effective job advert. A good job advert is not just a simple list of...

Benefits of using AdWriter a job advert generator

Are you tired of procrastinating and spending too much time crafting the perfect job advert? Our Job advert generator, AdWriter is here to help you! AdWriter is designed to make your life easier, helping you create high-quality job adverts that will help you capture...

Hiremii Platform Product Launch

Hiremii 31/08/2022 Hiremii Platform Product Launch   With the completion of phase 1, Hiremii launches its cloud-based platform, welcoming its first set of customers. Hiremii is deploying technology to bring AI to recruitment The Shortlistmii module, Phase One of the...
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What are the benefits of introducing AI in the recruitment industry?

Hiremii is a platform that helps reduce the administrative burden of hiring by utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify the recruitment process. It provides the user with an unbiased, accurate and efficient shortlisting service. There are some perceptions...
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