Low cost, fixed fee recruitment

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Get access to our comprehensive database of pre-vetted candidates looking for work across multiple industries all over Australia.

Save time, cost and hassle by letting hiremii source your next employee.

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Technology driven recruitment

Traditional hiring practices can be costly and time consuming, so we've built a platform that brings recruitment into the digital age.

Our proprietary AI and Machine Learning based platform removes tedious and subjective manual tasks, leaving you time to concentrate on what matters.  Candidates are pre-vetted and short-listed based on your specific requirements, giving you total control over your future employees onboarding journey.

How it works

Post your job vacancy

Completing a job vacancy on our platform takes under 10 minutes.

Review top matches

We shortlist available candidates based on your unique requirements.

Conduct interviews

Once we've set up an interview it's over to you. We can help with any questions you may have to ensure your success.

Issue digital contracts

All contracts are issued and stored digitally, upload your own and enjoy the ease of e-signatures.

Fixed fee recruitment pricing

Unlike traditional recruiters, our costs are always fixed, meaning you always know exactly what you're up for. We're also way more affordable, as our smart technology removes the need for unnecessary manual tasks.

White collar recruitment
$4,500 /Fixed
Nothing payable up front Nothing payable unless candidate is placed One off fee on placement
Blue collar recruitment
$1,250 /Fixed
Nothing payable up front Nothing payable unless candidate is placed One off fee on placement


Reduced costs Don't pay 10% to 15% of an employees base salary, our costs are fixed at $4,500 for white collar and $1,250 for blue collar roles.
Less admin Are your employees tired of screening hundreds of resumes per week? Leave the matching to us and improve employee engagement.
Improved candidate journey Why put your candidates through a laborious old school process? Simplify their world and show them how efficient recruitment can be.
Safe and secure Our platform keeps your candidates personal information safe, say goodbye to CV's lying around the office.
Consistent behavior Recruitment practices can be heavily subjective, ours is not. Our AI and Machine Learning based platform provides a consistent approach to candidate matching.
Built for scale Our platform was built for scale, so whether you have 1 or 100 employees to recruit there's no better way.