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About Hiremii

Hiremii is a cloud-based recruitment software that helps anyone in the hiring process automate manual tasks enabling organisations to hire the right people with speed. 

Our Mission & Values


Rapidly connecting the best talent to the right roles using game-changing technology!


We believe our technology can change the game for anyone in the hiring process!

Be Genuine

We are ridgy-didge*, honest and straightforward.

*Genuine, authentic, true, honest, upright

Show Respect

We Value everyone and look to put others ahead of ourselves.

Be For People

We help each other.

Be Courageous

We do better before easier.

Be a Game Changer

We disrupt and advance and use brilliant technology.

Our Platform

Given that the hiring process is still predominantly a manual process and with talent pools shrinking while unemployment is at an unprecedented low, we recognise the challenges that come with it.

This is why we are building an innovative, cloud-based recruitment platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable organisations to hire the right people at speed and at scale.

Our two main products are Shortlist, a tool to shortlist the most qualified candidates for any job, and AdWriter, a job advert generator.

Our Leadership Team 

Andrew Hornby

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Brad Kobus

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Raik

Quality & Compliance Manager