Hiremii software for the public sector

Identify and hire top talent with Shortlist.

Identify skilled talent from all candidate applications. 

Public Sector Hiremii

Hiremii software for government

Automate the process of Shortlisting and Ranking qualified candidates.

Eliminate unconscious bias

Eliminate unconscious bias in CV reviews, by assessing candidates on skills and experience, ensuring fair decisions and consistent objectivity throughout the recruitment process.

Identify qualified candidates quickly

Our Shortlist software streamlines candidate selection by parsing multiple CVs in less time than manual review. Facilitating quicker and easier identification of the best candidate without the tedious task of manual CV review.

Public Sector

Utilise your current Talent Pools

Shortlist empowers you to explore the CVs of your internal talent, giving you the opportunity to rehire existing employees, discover valuable assets that may have gone unnoticed, and streamline the recruitment process to save time.

Public Sector

Improve candidate experience

Enhance the pace of interviews and streamline communication channels with both qualified and unqualified candidates for improved efficiency.

Rank and Shortlist in Minutes 

We use over 200 metrics to assess a candidate’s fit to a role based on a job description. Delivering a shortlist of qualified candidates who are directly relevant to your requirements.

Quick and easy to use.

Step 1:

Identify CV’s

Step 2:

Add job details and priority skills

Step 3:

Review your ranked shortlist of candidates

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Step 4:

Start booking interviews

Government sectors

Get tailored solutions that integrate into your systems.

Attain your corporate targets swiftly by leveraging Hiremii’s software to streamline the shortlisting and ranking phases of your recruitment journey. We are committed to being your trusted consultant, merging flexible technology and proven proficiency to address the unique needs of your workforce. Whether your industry falls under Defence, Education, Health and Human Services, Security and Justice, Energy and Environment, or Transport and Mobility, we are here to help. 

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Success Story

Hiremii’s software verifies that it corresponds with the human selection of candidates.


An ASX listed education HR software provider assists schools in hiring teachers and managing recruitment, allowing them to advertise job roles and access a database of candidates.


Schools find it hard to find the best candidates from the providers database. Delivering the best candidates quickly would improve the school’s ability to engage them before they accept other roles.


Shortlist streamlines candidate selection by automating the process of finding, ranking and shortlisting the most qualified candidates based on job descriptions. Trial comparisons have shown it outperforms manual shortlisting in terms of time, effort, and accuracy.


Shortlist consistently returned accurate results including ranking a candidate #1 out of 21 who was the candidate actually hired for the role.

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