Automate your shortlisting process

✔️ Increase speed to Identifying relevant candidates

✔️ Find hidden talent

✔️ Improve accuracy

✔️ Reduce unconscious bias

✔️ Only review suitable candidates

Why Use Shortlist?

Shortlist uses AI to help anyone quickly and accurately shortlist the most qualified candidates for any job.

Speed to candidates


Reading through multiple CV’s can be painfully time consuming. Shortlist allows you to parse multiple CV’s in a fraction of time it would time for us humans to manually review them. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect candidate quicker. 


Reduce unconscious bias

Shortlist will help you review CV’s without the risk of unconscious bias creeping in which can lead to inconsistent or unfair decision making. It is designed to be objective and consistent, helping eliminate bias in the hiring process.


Improved accuracy


Shortlist parses through the CV’s to analyse and extract data, ensuring that all relevant information is captured such as skills, experience, qualifications and company. This will help you identify the most qualified candidates for the given role. 


Utilise your current database


Shortlist enables you to go through your current database CV’s, allowing you to fund hidden gems and save recruitment company fees. 


How Shortlist Works?

Step 1

Upload CV’S


Create a new shortlist and upload your candidates CV’s.

Step 2

Add job details and priority skills


Add in your job details,  priority skills and experience.  Shortlist uses both AI and knowledge graphs to analyse the CV’s against your job details, priority skills and experience to identify the best matched candidates for your role.


Step 3

Assess and rank


Review and arrange your candidate list, then send the list on to others. 

Have any Questions?

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Frequently asked questions

Are your questions not answered?


We are here to help, we would love to chat with you.

What is a shortlist?

A Shortlist is the best suited 6-10 candidates for a role based on the job description / brief.


How long does Shortlist take?

Shortlist can assess and rank 100CV’s at an average of 6 minutes round trip. Enough to make a coffee or tea! 

Can I get a demo of the Shortlist?

Yes, if you fill out the below form we will contact you to organise a time that suits you!

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What does "parsing" mean?

In simple terms, we extract information from resumes such as skills, experience, qualifications and company. This information is required to find the candidates that are most suitable for the job. This is called parsing. 

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