Automate your shortlisting process

Shortlist matches CVs to your specified job details and priority skills to find the best candidate for you!

Increase speed in Identifying relevant candidates

Uncover hidden talent

Improve accuracy

Reduce unconscious bias

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Why Use Shortlist?

Shortlist uses AI to help anyone quickly and accurately shortlist the most qualified candidates for any job.

Speed to candidates


Shortlist streamlines the candidate selection process by enabling the parsing of multiple CVs in significantly less time than manual review. This helps to identify the best candidate more quickly and easily, without the arduous task of reviewing CVs manually.

Reduce unconscious bias

Shortlist ensures an objective review of CVs by mitigating the impact of unconscious bias, which may lead to partial or inequitable decisions. The tool is tailored to eradicate bias in the recruitment process, ensuring that objectivity and consistency are maintained.

Improved accuracy


Shortlist analyses and extracts data from CVs, capturing all relevant information, including skills, experience, qualifications, and work history. This ensures that you can identify the most qualified candidates for a specific job.


Utilise your current database


Shortlist enables you to go through your current database CV’s, allowing you to find hidden gems and save recruitment company fees.

How Shortlist Works

Step 1: Upload CV's

Create a new shortlist and upload your candidates CV’s.

Step 2: Add job details and priority skills

Add in your job details,  priority skills and experience.  Shortlist uses both AI and knowledge graphs to analyse the CV’s against your job details, priority skills and experience to identify the best matched candidates for your role.

Step 3: Assess and rank

Review and arrange your candidate list, then send the list on to others. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a shortlist?

A Shortlist refers to a group of 6-10 candidates that are most appropriate for a particular job based on the provided job description or brief.

Who should use Shortlist?

Shortlist caters to individuals seeking high-caliber talent while minimising the time spent on screening resumes and CVs. It proves advantageous for multiple positions, such as hiring managers, recruiters, and administrators responsible for scrutinising job applications manually.

What is the need of the Shortlist tool?

Shortlist mitigates the risk of overlooking top-notch talent, as recruiters, on average, allocate only 7 seconds per resume. This tool minimizes the possibility of missing out on quality candidates and streamlines the hiring process by speeding up the candidate selection process, minimising unconscious bias, and enhancing precision.

How long does a Shortlist take?

On average, Shortlist takes only 11 seconds to parse and match each CV/resume. 

Can I get a demo of the Shortlist?

Yes, if you fill out the below form we will contact you to organise a time that suits you!

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What does "parsing" mean?

In simple terms, we extract information from resumes such as skills, experience, qualifications and company. This information is required to find the candidates that are most suitable for the job. This is called parsing. 

What documents does Shortlist support?

Currently, it only supports PDF or DOCX file formats.