Hiremii 23/08/23

Hiremii to launch innovative ‘Sourcd’: The Artificial Intelligence Co-pilot for Recruiters

Transforming Candidate Outreach and Engagement

Perth, Australia; 23st August 2023

Cloud-based recruitment software company, Hiremii Group (ASX:HMI) is pleased to provide an update on the upcoming development and launch of its game-changing AI copilot product, ‘Sourcd.’ This innovative product will help redefine the way recruiters connect with potential candidates, streamlining the outreach process and enhancing response rates.

‘Sourcd’ is a powerful AI copilot for recruiters that enables the instant generation of personalised outreach emails at scale, addressing a significant challenge in the recruitment industry: the balance between personalised communication and the efficiency demanded by managing multiple roles. Generic outreach emails often yield poor response rates, while manually crafting personalised emails for each role can be time-consuming and logistically challenging.

In a rapidly expanding market, where the Employment Placement and Recruitment Services industry reached a value of $4.9 billion in 2022 with an impressive growth rate of 7.3%[1]. Hiremii’s innovative ‘Sourcd’ AI copilot emerges as a game-changer set to shape the future of candidate outreach and engagement.

Sourcd’s’ functionality lies in its ability to compare a candidate’s experience and skills against job descriptions, highlighting precisely how they align with the requirements. This feature not only saves recruiters valuable time but also ensures that every outreach email is tailored to the candidate’s profile and the specific role they are being considered for. ‘Sourcd’ intelligently automates the personalisation process, ensuring that each interaction stands out in the current competitive market.

As organisations continue to adopt AI into their everyday workflows, Microsoft’s Co-Pilot provides a clear example of the potential of AI-powered solutions to achieve successful outcomes. This product has demonstrated the benefits of technology augmenting human capability, resulting in a more efficient and effective user experience. ‘Sourcd’, inspired by such achievements, is being developed with recruiters in mind, serving as a contextual layer between recruiters and AI. This aims to deliver outcomes with minimal user input, fostering closer engagement with candidates.

The beta version is set to be rolled out to a selected users by the end of September, allowing for fine-tuning and feedback. Following that we will quickly move to full commercial launch.

“We’re excited to launch ‘Sourcd’ at a pivotal time for both Hiremii and industry’s rapid adoption of generative AI. The development phase is scheduled for completion in the next few weeks creating a solution that bridges the gap between personalised communication and streamlined scalability. With ‘Sourcd’ as their AI co-pilot, recruiters can expect heightened efficiency, improved response rates, leading to more candidates and an opportunity to cross sell other Hiremii Technology features, enabling the benefits of automation to hit the bottom line.” Said CEO Andrew Hornby.


Hiremii Limited (ASX:HMI) is a technology-driven, Australian-based company with two core, complementary business components:  Hiremii Technology and Inverse Group. Hiremii Technology is an innovative, cloud-based recruitment platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable organisations to hire the right people at speed and at scale. Inverse Group provides recruitment expertise to some of the world’s leaders in oil & gas, resources, emerging battery metals, renewable energy, and technology companies. Focussing on white-collar permanent placement, long-term contracting, and payroll solutions.

[1] https://www.ibisworld.com/au/market-size/employment-placement-recruitment-services/#:~:text=What%20was%20the%20growth%20rate,industry%20increased%207.3%25%20in%202022.


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[1] https://www.ibisworld.com/au/market-size/employment-placement-recruitment-services/#:~:text=What%20was%20the%20growth%20rate,industry%20increased%207.3%25%20in%202022.

More information on ‘Sourcd’ will be released in the following weeks.